Turgenev premium-class residential apartments

Year of realization:2019

Building height:26 floors

Glazed area:16 000 m2

They say, Turgenev is easy to read and easy to live with. This writer became one of the first representatives of Russian literature in Europe. While creating design of Turgenev RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX, we strived for the same: to make it easy and pleasant to live in. We have combined exquisite European architecture with a broad Russian soul, modernity with classics. So that everyone who finds himself on this alley could feel the spirit of the time when Turgenev lived, could sit with him on the same bench in the literal and figurative sense. At the same time, here you will feel the invisible thread of times, united by the beauty and harmony of the surrounding space.

Inga Eroshina, director of YugstroyImperial construction company

At the same time, the developer underlines: a person who buys an apartment in Turgenev Residential Complex, confirms his high social status. Innovative construction technologies and thoughtful modern layouts guarantee a qualitatively new standard of living.

The Residential Complex provides many options: one-room apartments with an area of ​​47 sq. m, as well as five-room penthouses with an area of ​​300 square meters on the 24th floor with panoramic windows, outdoor terraces and even private pools.

Striving to make the object attractive and harmonious in appearance, architects and developers took care of the residents’ comfort. The stylish facade is equipped with modern heat preservation systems, innovative engineering systems provide excellent sound insulation and energy saving. The houses are equipped with silent high-speed elevators, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The infrastructure of the area in which Turgenev Residential Complex was built cannot be left unmentioned. Clinics and pharmacies, schools and kindergartens, many shops and convenient road and transport junction — there is everything you need for life. Moreover, for maximum comfort there was equipped a closed courtyard «for residents only» with children’s and sports grounds, a wide promenade, well-groomed lawns and flower beds.

When you look at Turgenev Residential Complex, there are associations with a collectors’ book in an expensive binding. The shape of the building, the materials and colors chosen for the facade decoration, stylish lighting — all this forms an architectural image and affects the general perception of the complex. It appears, this is how the object named after a classic of Russian literature should look like.

As a result, ALT W62 frame glazing system was chosen for this object, which became the basis for French windows installed in the apartments. Due to the presence of a thermal break, the use of foamed inserts and EPDM-gaskets, the windows effectively protect the premises from cold, wind and noise. In addition, due to the use of special mullions, the structures are able to withstand high static loads. At the same time, the value of the reduced resistance to heat transfer RO = 0.51 m • 0 C / W, which is 100 % percent corresponds to the requirements of the customer.

For envelope facade glazing, ALT F50 classic stick-built system with a minimum visible width of mullions and transoms of 50 mm was used. This solution made the building look lighter and more elegant in appearance, and ensured the necessary level of thermal and sound insulation. The total glazed area of the residential complex was 16,000 sq.m.

ALUTECH specialists proposed a special solution for the penthouses of Turgenev Residential Complex. ALT SL160 panoramic lift and slide doors were installed to provide convenient access to the spacious terraces. They look like a floor-to-ceiling hybrid of window and door, with leafs that slide sideways parallel to the wall when opened. These systems do not occupy the interior space of the room and free up a large opening. Thus, the apartments on the upper floors offer a beautiful view, especially at night: at dusk, when coming from below light of the city is getting dimmed, stars become closer and brighter.

Like in most premium-class architectural objects, Turgenev Residential Complex is complete with panoramic glazing. So, the apartments are equipped with ALUTECH French windows, thanks to which they are always light and cozy. A special solution is offered for penthouses — panoramic lift and slide doors, through which breathtaking views of the city are opened up

Turgenev Residential Complex — is the case when both inside and outside of the single house, there is a separate world, in which you feel comfortable and safe, and where there is everything you need to be happy.

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