Private country house

ALUTECH products for comprehensive home improvement

Sectional doors protect the garage from heat loss, providing comfortable indoor climate even in winter. Entrance gates, therefore, protect the house and the courtyard from unauthorised access. To keep harmonious exterior, all doors, gates and wicket is made in unanimous style and colour matching the house.

ALUTECH products installed at the site


To provide maximum convenience, ALUTECH garage doors and entrance gate are combined in one automated system - they can be operated with single remote control.

Entrance gate series Prestige with combined infill

There is Prestige entrance gate with combined infill installed at the site. Its bottom part is made of sandwich panels, while the upper part is made of aluminium profiles. Aluminium structure with special coating is resistant to corrosion. Gate operation lifespan is at least 25 000 open-close cycles (15 years of operation counting 4 cycles in a day).

Wicket series Prestige

Prestige wicket provides easy access to the courtyard. It opens silently and keeps aethetic look for years ahead.

Sectional garage door series Prestige

Prestige garage doors boast of unique design and excellent thermal insulation. The doors are available in wide range of colours and textures.
Garage doors painted in Dark Oak colour, used in this project, ideally match the exterior in brown shades.

Solutions implemented together with ALUTECH

Garage door series Prestige for protection from heat loss

Prestige doors ensure enhanced thermal insulation and allow to save money on heating.

Door special features:

  • thermal insulation of Prestige door made of 45 mm thick sandwich panels is comparable to 60 cm brick wall;
  • two-wing EPDM-seals alongside the door leaf are crease resistant, do not absorb moisture, preserve elasticity at low temperatures and provide reliable insulation of the opening;
  • adjustable roller brackets ensure close proximity of the door leaf to the opening.

Enhanced standard set of components for safe and reliable operation of Prestige doors

There is a range of unique solutions implemented in standard door design:

  • roller brackets, side caps and intermediate hinges made from durable stainless steel AISI 430, which protects the door from corrosion;
  • brackets with double rollers ensure smooth movement or the door leaf;
  • finger trapping protection is implemented on both inner and outer surface of the door;
  • unique wear-resistant PUR-PA coating protects the door leaf from fractures, scratches and fading.

ALUTECH Levigato motors for easy and convenient garage door control

Garage doors are automated with Levigato series motors with a backlighting and a variety of useful functions.

Automation peculiarities:

  • high endurance — at least 30 000 cycles;
  • high door opening speed up to 0.2 m/s;
  • faultless operation at voltage surges 160-270 V;
  • automatic adjustment of end positions every 100 cycles;
  • bright lighting - 60 LEDs;
  • outdoor lighting control.

Entrance gate series Prestige for convenient entry to the territory

The gate can be in use for at least 15 years due to the following solutions:

  • aluminium sliding gates are corrosion resistant. Special design ensures additional protection of junctions from corrosion;
  • the gates are build-up structures, so they do not have weld seams and are less exposed to corrosion;
  • Prestige sliding gates preserve structural balance and accuracy even at high operation intensity.

ALUTECH Roteo motors for convenient control of sliding gates

Sliding gate is automated with Roteo series motor.

Automaion peculiarities:

  • high endurance (at least 100 000 cycles);
  • faultless operation at low temperatures down to -30 C and voltage surge 160-270 V;
  • movement stop when detecting an obstacle;
  • protection from rodents and flooding;
  • outdoor lighting control.

Wicket series Prestige

Prestige series wickets perfectly match all ALUTECH products — entrance gates and garage doors, fences and roller shutter systems.

Moreover, wicket installation allows to save the gate lifespan: you don't need to open it fully.

Due to unique design solutions and high quality coating, Prestige series wickets are durable and do not need special care.