Plotnichnyj premium-class residential apartments

Year of realization:2020

Area of panoramic glazing:1700 m2

Height:11 m

Plotnichnyj premium-class residential complex consists of 5 multi-apartment buildings of 6-8 floors high (the first stage is two 8-story houses with an area of ​​3.7 thousand square meters), as well as 5 private detached houses «hidden» inside of the territory.

When developing the architectural concept of the residential apartments, first of all, the special location of the object was taken into account — views from the windows of the apartments to Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, the Volga and Pochain ravine.

Facade solutions in Plotnichnyj houses are restrained, concise and gentle — they are in harmony with the environment and historical buildings. The finishing of buildings is represented by a calm grey color, as well as a noble ivory shade.

I am not a supporter of what is called «preserving the image of Nizhny Novgorod», because it is impossible to save anything — you can only develop. It is no longer saved — it has been changed before us, it is changing now with us and will continue to change after us. Preservation of originality — it’s okay. Harmonious building interactions — yes, it’s possible to ensure. You can save a separate house, but not the appearance of the city. Changes are inevitable, and thanks God, because the city is still alive. Therefore the word «reconcile» is not good. But «harmonize», «balance» — this is more accurate. And this is our mission.

Alexander Dekhtyar, architect, director of
Arhtroj NGO LLC

From the idea to implementation

The choice is offered to fit any taste — from open-plan apartments with spacious terraces from which you can admire the green hills of Pochainsky ravine to chic panoramic penthouses overlooking the Kremlin and access to the exploited roof.

The houses are provided with conference rooms for business meetings, game rooms, storage rooms for seasonal items and even showers, where after a walk you can wash your dog’s paws. A closed guarded territory of the residential apartments gives a sense of security. A fitness center with sauna and swimming pool will appear in the third stage of the residential complex. Plotnichnyj — is exactly the case when reality is fully consistent with the expectations.

The developer thought of every detail to make the residents of the houses feel really comfortable here, so that the complex would correspond to the declared premium-class by 100%.

The task of a professional developer is to take advantage of all possible environmental benefits. For example, in a project with steep slopes to make terraces, as is done in Plotnichnyj premium residential apartments, which is being built on the hills around Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. This is such a form of courtesy and attention to the desire of buyers to be closer to nature.

Amalia Talfeld, Head of
Three A Design architectural bureau,
involved in the development of public
spaces in Plotnichnyj residential apartments
and business center

Taking care of the residents’ safety is a priority when designing a residential complex

In order to ensure the fire safety of the building, a fire barrier with a size of 1200 mm is provided in the cladding translucent facade. A distinctive feature of the barrier is that it is not completely translucent, but only partially, in fact, only to the height of the floor slab. This ALUTECH know-how made it possible to implement floor-to-ceiling glazing without translucent zones while meeting all safety requirements.

n order to choose the best solutions, including color ones, to choose the type and color of glass in glass units, a mockup (a full-size design sample) was made on one of the buildings: ALT F50 cladding translucent facade + ventilated facade finished with fiber cement panels. According to the architects, this ALUTECH service is very useful, as it allows you to realize the object in full accordance with the project and the vision of the architect.

Thus, Plotnichnyj residential apartments with smooth lines of facades, natural finishing materials of warm colors and mirror-like smoothness of panoramic windows is a vivid example of how modern architecture can be a harmonious addition to the ancient city with a rich history..

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