Ocean city residential apartments

Year of realization:2020

Building height:25 floors

Glazed area:5 500 m2

Center of attraction

Ocean City attracts attention with its futuristic look. The building has the shape of a pyramid that narrows upward and twists into a spiral. For someone, a house with smooth outlines is associated with waves, others imagine huge coral reefs.

Inspired by the life of the underwater world and the diversity of the sea reef, we embodied the image of corals in curved line of facades, color solution and mirror glazing. Work on the object was intense, but interesting; it set us a number of complex tasks, the main of which was the interconnection of architectural ideas, design solutions, norms and engineering systems. In other words, we needed to distribute in the right proportions necessary benefits with sufficient strength and impeccable beauty.

Dmitry Maksimov, member of the Union of Architects of Russia,
chief architect, head of the creative team MADE group

Renewed city look

The new residential complex is a vivid example of how one architectural object can change the face the whole city.

Ocean city has become a new sight of the city. In 2018 it was presented with the prestigious Russian real estate award — Ugban Awards in the nomination «Best under construction regional residential complex of business class».

Glittering in the sun

The residential complex really resembles the ocean — an amazingly beautiful creation of nature.

Large-scale glazing made it possible to bring the idea of the architects to life. Silver ion-coated glass give windows a shimmering effect. For a harmonious combination with unusual shade of glazing, aluminium profiles were painted in an anthracite colour.

Translucent curtain wall is made on the basis of ALT F50 stick-built system. Visible width of aluminium profiles from the outside is only 50 mm. Due to this feature, maximum sunlight gets into the premises, and the building looks weightless.

In order to implement the non-transparent part of the facade, a series of ALT F50 TX profiles was used. It is a curtain wall system with ventilated air gap.

Energy-efficient ALT W72 windows of 2.3 m height are integrated into the balcony systems, and ensure comfort in apartments all year round. The value of the reduced heat transfer resistance of windows is not less than 0.62 m.-0 C/W. The required indicators were achieved through the use of polyamide thermal break chambers, EPDM gaskets, as well as installation of double-glazed energy-saving windows with impact-resistant glasses.

To ensure the safety of residents from the outside, panoramic windows are equipped with railing systems made from ALT115 profiles. The facade company tested these systems for resistance to dynamic and static loads. The results confirmed that the structures withstand a pressure force of 160 kg. (standard according to SNiP 2.01.0785 — 30 kg), as well as dynamic loads (equivalent to a three times person’s weight).

Residential floor plans in height change dramatically 8 times — each apartment is unique, the number of their types is more than 100, and the public and business part merges with the residential and technical part, thus forming a multifunctional complex. Each element of this object is made with awareness of its deep meaning, where there is nothing accidental, false, far-fetched, made just for the sake of «beauty». The object has become not just an illustration of something, but an object of a direct action. Ocean city became the first residential complex among the row of objects striving for a unique world architecture.

Dmitry Maksimov, member of the Union of Architects of Russia,
chief architect, head of the creative team MADE group

Good location

Ocean city is located in the heart of the city. In 10-15 minutes walking distance, are the central square and embankment. Soon, landscaped areas with parks, shopping malls and public spaces will appear around the residential complex.

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