Mira Thermy. Sosnovyj Bor thermal spa complex

Year of realization:2018

Building height:4 floors

Glazed area:2 500 m2

Water-related zones

The Aqua zone is a space with panoramic windows through which a stunning view opens up. There are hot tubs, 2 salt lakes and a warm pool where you can swim outdoors in winter and summer.

Bani zone combines the bathing traditions of different countries of the world - Russian bath and Moroccan rasoul, Turkish hammam and the shungite sauna.

Beach summer zone is a terrace overlooking the pine forest and the lake, there is also an outdoor pool here.

Harmony with nature

The main ideas of resting in Mira Thermy - are relaxation and recovery. The environment in the form of a picturesque lake and a pure pine forest only contributes to this. Once here, you want to breathe deeply.

Emphasis on natural lighting

ALUTECH aluminium profile systems were used for object glazing. ALT F50 curtain wall system with integrated ALT W72 windows and doors with thermal break installed single-line made it possible to implement a translucent facade.

Thanks to the minimum visible width (only 50 mm) of mullions and transoms, ALT F50 system has improved natural insolation of the premises. The space was visually increased, filled with air and sun.

While working on the project, we drew inspiration from its location. The thermal spa complex has become a unique island of nature inside of a big city. It was important to ensure maximum visibility of the premises so that the guests of Mira Termy could enjoy the beauty of nature and feel unity with it.
One of the most impressive elements of the building is a huge 6x54m translucent balcony unit overlooking the lake. In order not to cover the view with columns, we have chosen a 6-meter console. This solution turned the facade into a window in front of which people relax on sun loungers and admire the water surface.

Anton Kabakov, architect of Arhovis LLC

Creation of a special microclimate

ALUTECH designers faced with the task of eliminating the possibility of condensation under high humidity conditions. In this case, the reduced resistance to heat transfer of translucent structures should have been more than 0.72 m2 •0 °C/W, in order to maintain a comfortable microclimate in the premises, even in severe Siberian winter, when the temperature drops below -30°C.

The selected solutions fully met the stated requirements. Reduced heat transfer resistance of ALT F50 system is 0.9 m2 0 °C/W. This became possible due to the presence of a polyamide thermal bridge, foamed gaskets and energy-efficient infill units with SunGuard SN 70/41 HT glass. Maximum tightness of structures minimized the risk of condensation.

In order to ensure safety of visitors of Mira Termy thermal spa complex, ALT W72 windows were equipped with automatic drives. In case of the emergency situation, sashes can independently open for smoke extraction and natural ventilation.

When developing a project for any thermal spa complex, water-park or SPA center, a special approach and a special knowledge are needed. This is due to the high humidity in the rooms. CityFace facade contractor, which carried out the glazing of the relax resort in Novosibirsk, used profiles with protective coating.

Filiform corrosion occurs on the aluminium surface due to the high humidity. We used a profile that has been pre-anodized before coating.
Translucent structures in RAL 7024 (graphite grey) harmoniously fit into the exterior and object interior. And Mira Thermy project will retain an attractive appearance for a long time. After all, even after many years there will be no signs of corrosion on the facades.

Alexey Baranov, General Director of CityFace facade contractor

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