Mayakovsky residential apartments

Year of realization:2019

Building heigh:36 floors

Glazed area:26 000m2

Eminent architecture

The object, named after a man with a height of 189 cm, simply must be high-rise. Mayakovsky Residential Apartmets, built in Moscow according to the project of the well-known Speech bureau, consists of three 36-storey towers. They proudly rise over the surrounding buildings and are visible within a radius of several kilometers. Just like art and talent of Vladimir Mayakovsky, the architecture of the residential apartments is extraordinary and original.

Stylish trio

The first thing that attracts attention is unusual facades with vertical stripes of enamelled ceramics, painted in various shades of beige and brown. Due to this solution, the towers look even more high and dynamic. The combination of translucent surfaces and ceramic strips of various width gives the houses a futuristic look. Each of the towers is unique, but together they look like a harmonious trio.

This project is typical for the development of the new architecture of Moscow, which “bets” on bright and modern solutions. The houses are tall enough to have free space on the area that can be used for land and territory zoning. The second sign of the new time - is the attention paid to the quality of details. The building is made of glossy colored ceramics, which looks amazing both up-close and from afar...

Sergey Tchoban, head of Speech architectural bureau

Great location

The towers of Mayakovsky, united by a common stylobate, are located on the area of 3 hectares. The location of the apartments is also good for those who use public transport, and for those who drive their own car. The complex is located 600 meters from Vodnyj stadion metro station, in a kilometer — there is a Leningradskoe high road. Within walking distance — there are Golovinskiye prudy and Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo parks, where you can hide from the noise of the metropolis.

The construction of a business-class facility, which has become the architectural dominant of Voikovsky district in Moscow was carried out by TEKTAGROUP company. The houses were built by monolithic technology with the use of modern materials, which ensure their excellent strength characteristics.

Comfort inside and out

The “architect-developer” team managed to make the houses of Mayakovsky Residential Apartments not only bright and distinctive externally, but also comfortable to live in. The decision to build the towers of the complex with maximum height, allowed to release a large area near the houses and divide it into 2 unequal parts. A smaller area is used as guest parking zone, and a large one is given over to walking alleys, children's and work-out platforms.

Life on a high note

The windows in the Residential Apartments are truly huge, glazing occupies a significant part of the facades. And despite the impressive height, the houses seem weightless as if floating in the air. Through panoramic windows apartments on the upper floors offer a magnificent view on the entire north part of Moscow.

ALT F50 stick- built system was chosen for glazing. Due to the minimum (50 mm) visible profiles width, the facade seems to 'blend' in space. Also, ALT W72 HS windows with a concealed sash were installed in Mayakovsky towers, they allowed to significantly improve the illumination of apartments and visually increase their area.

ALT F50 system, that includes mullions and transoms, ensured maximum light transmission. Wherein slim profiles withstand infill units weights of up to 700 kg thanks to cross bearing supports under glass units.

The residential apartments in the complex are cozy all year round. High thermal insulation is ensured by the use of foam PE-thermal bridge in the rebate area of glass unit and high-quality EPDM-gaskets. In addition, the joint area of glass units is glued with butyl rubber tape. The value of the reduced heat transfer resistance is RO > 0.8 m2 °C/W. This allows you to save on heating.

Windows of ALT W72 HS series with a concealed sash made it possible to improve the insolation of the premises and make them visually more spacious. Due to the minimum visible width of the profiles, as well as the same appearance of fixed and opening parts, the glazing area is much larger than when installing classic windows.

Due to the use of a polyamide thermal bridge in ALT W72 HS profiles and foamed gaskets, windows with a concealed sash are super warm. And in terms of air permeability and water tightness, they comply with the most stringent building requirements.

Wrapped in enameled glass and ceramics, Mayakovsky Residential Apartments has become a stylish reflection of life of the modern capital. Slightly superior towering over the city bustle, the complex proudly declares the high status of the apartments owners.

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