Golden City residential apartments

Year of realization:2020

Area of panoramic glazing:15 600 m2

Building height:18 floors

According to the project, it is planned to set up five city blocks that form a single ensemble. The first block under construction, Golden City, consists of two closed blocks with towers of different heights (max. height is 18 floors). Enclosed blocks with labyrinths of courtyards are a Petersburg discovery that helped to protect the territory from strong winds from the Gulf.

The new residential complex is distinguished not only by its bright architecture, but also by the rich choice of planning solutions - there are two-level apartments, options with private terraces and windows in the bathroom or hallway. The first floors of the houses are given over to restaurants, coffee houses, shops and other facilities necessary for a comfortable life.

Life with a view to the Gulf of Finland

The architects paid special attention to the choice of glazing solutions. They should create a comfortable living environment and give people the opportunity to enjoy unique views of the port and the promenade area that will connect Golden City blocks. Large-scale glazing adds lightness and airiness to the building.

Total glazed area of the object is 15,6 thousands sq.m2

Our facades are made of total glass, their profiled structure can be compared to the cells of a chocolate bar. This design has many advantages. For example, good insolation (no dark corners). When looking out of the window or going out to the loggia, the tenants will not see the neighbors. Loggias in such a facade are outwardly invisible, protected from cold and precipitation.

Sergey Oreshkin, head of A. Len architectural bureau

ALT W72 system with thermal insulation

French windows are installed in the apartments. They are made of warm ALT W72 profiles. Such windows ensure comfortable atmosphere in the premises even in the cold and humid climate of St. Petersburg. The value of the reduced heat transfer resistance of windows is R = 0.81 m²∙°С/W. This became possible due to the presence of polyamide thermal bridges in the profiles, the use of foamed gaskets and EPDM inserts, as well as the installation of energy-efficient glass units.


Classic ALT F50 curtain wall system

For panoramic glazing of the first floors, ALT F50 curtain wall system was used. It provided excellent illumination of the premises and their protection from heat loss. This series of profiles with ALT W72 integrated windows is used in penthouses of a residential complex.


Thanks to ALUTECH solutions, Golden City residents will be able to enjoy picturesque views of the Gulf of Finland, and the first floors of the residential apartments will always be filled with natural light.

Fire-resistant solutions

Some facades, as well as entrance groups in the residential complex, were implemented with the use of ALT W72 FR, ALT W76 FR and ALT F50 FR profile fire-resistant systems.


ALUTECH solutions will protect loggias against rain and wind, as well as ensure the safety of residents in case of unforeseen situations.

For anodizing of aluminium profiles used at the facility,

Golden City Residential Apartments has taken a worthy place in the architecture of the Northern capital. The object kindly welcomes guests coming to St. Petersburg from the sea. An unusual facade grid, stylish towers and an abundance of glass form a vivid image of the residential complex. And this means that the architects managed to fulfill their task by 100%.

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