Dva Kapitana business-center

Year of realization:

Building height:
107.6 m, 22 and 27 floors

House for authorities...

The construction of a new business center started in 2006 on a 2.4-hectare site located in the Myakininskaya floodplain of the Moskva River, 65 km from the Moscow Ring Road. At that time, the object was planned as a business center for the offices of large companies, but later it was decided to give it to parliamentarians near Moscow.

Dva Kapitana Business Center stands out primarily for its appearance. The building consists of two rounded towers and resembles a real pair of binocular glasses that sailors use to look into the distance. At the same time, due to the absence of blank walls and the abundance of translucent surfaces, the object seems to dissolve in space.

The project was developed by Kurortproekt Institute Workshop, headed by Mihail Hazanov, famous architect. According to the idea, the Business Center building was supposed to consist of 2 multi-storey towers (22 and 27 floors) without corners with a spherical 5-storey extension at the base. In addition, underground and surface parking zone should have been provided (the current one is designed for 800 cars).

“The concept of the project appeared in 2004. First of all, we didn’t want rectangular parallelepipeds and typical skyscrapers. It was important that the new building with its corners, would not interfere with the neighboring House of Government, so that it had a streamlined shape and seemed to dissolve in space. So the idea of ​​two cylinders was born...
For the object glazing, aluminium profiles and bend glass were chosen, the reflection in which gives a feeling of dematerialization. In general, the possibility to use large glasses was very important for us. Perfect option - is glass of 8 mm thick, so that it could not be bended. As for the profile, the narrower it is, the better. Durable aluminium was the best choice in this case."

Mihail Hazanov, architect, head of the team of authors who worked on the project of Dva Kapitana Business Center

An interesting fact: there are almost no usual ministerial offices in the building. Modern open spaces are equipped for employees. Although traditional workspaces for such facilities are still provided: important meetings and sessions are held behind the closed doors.

In the near future, cafes and shops will be opened in the business center, a medical center will appear with doctors' offices of various fields, and a large fountain will be put into operation in the main hall. In general, the building will turn into a real mini-city, which has everything you need for comfortable work.

...facing the Moscow River

Perhaps, the most noticeable feature of the new business center is the facade. The fact is that there are no blank walls at the facility. Instead, there are huge panoramic windows through which beautiful views of the Moscow River are opened up. Thanks to the large-scale glazing, a lot of light and air fill the rooms, the ceilings seem even higher, and working areas are more spacious.

ALUTECH Group of Companies offered an innovative technique for designing the translucent facade of Dva Kapitana business center. The towers of the complex have an impressive height (max. - 107.6 m) and are complicated by the elements (with the dimensions of 40.1 m by 97.2 m) protruding from the plane of the main facade line, that's why when glazing, it was necessary to take into account the wind load in the region. Calculation studies of wind loads and impacts for the object showed that the negative peak of wind pressure on some parts of the facade can reach 2917 Pa (291.7 kg per sq. m). ALT F50 curtain wall system allowed to solve the problem.

In particular, 176° radial curtain wall system was manufactured. Bent transoms were applied in structures (horizontal aluminium profiles), as well as mullions with increased mounting depth and internal reinforcement in specific areas of the facade.

Thus, due to the high strength characteristics of aluminium and the chosen design, the object turned out to be visually light, while remaining impressively reliable.

Taking into account the complex shape of the towers and their great height, a special solution was required for the object glazing. ALUTECH suggested an innovative technique. Based on ALT F50 system, a radial curtain wall system was manufactured. Bent transoms are used in the structures, as well as mullions with increased mounting depth and internal reinforcement in specific areas of the facade. As a result, the object turned out to be visually light, while remaining impressively reliable.

In general, according to a representative of the facade contractor, the customer, represented by the Moscow Region Government, set 3 main tasks:

  • long service life of structures (at least 50 years) while maintaining the possibility of prompt repair and maintenance;
  • high energy efficiency of the building, taking into account the huge area of ​​​​glazing;
  • compliance of the final budget with the approved estimated cost.

The solution proposed by ALUTECH satisfied all parties in terms of performance and delivery time. At the same time, it was not necessary to go beyond the agreed budget.

Thus, the durability of translucent structures is ensured due to the high strength of ALUTECH profiles made of primary aluminium, as well as coating application on them that protects against corrosion, temperature extremes and other effects of aggressive environment.

As for the heat preservation problem with such an impressive glazed area, it was managed to resolve it due to the solutions provided in ALT F50 system: a special foamed thermal bridge in the area of ​​​​the glass unit rebate, high-quality EPDM gaskets, as well as lavsan-based butyl rubber tape, which is used to glue the junction area of ​​glass units. In addition, energy-efficient glass units with a thickness of 57 mm have been installed at the facility.

To maintain harmony in the interior and exterior, the profiles were painted in RAL 9007 (Metallic) on the outside and 7037 (Dust Grey) on the outside.

«Technological progress is on the go, just like an inquisitive engineering mind. The projects that are born in architectural workshops today are unique and often require detailed engineering work. The time of standard solutions is gone, now a unique concept, including facade solutions, is a standard customer requirement. And Dva Kapitana Business Center is a vivid confirmation of this.
Of course, sometimes it is not easy with architects. But if there is a technical possibility to realize the idea as the author sees it, believe me, not a single builder will ever refuse this.»

Andrey Characterov, commercial director of HMS Group, the facade contractor which was engaged in the glazing of the facility

Thus, thanks to the competent work of the "architect-customer-facade contractor" team, as well as ALUTECH technological solutions, Dva Kapitana started a happy voyage and provided a comfortable place to work for more than 3.6 thousand people. At the same time — the project is a harmonious addition to the architectural ensemble of the city.


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