D1 residential apartments

Year of realization:

Glazed area:
20 000 m2

198 m


Facade contractor:

Dynamics of the facades

The external appearance of D1 residential apartments was determined by the dynamics of its location. The main idea of the project authors — KAMEN architectural bureau headed by Ivan Grekov, is to reflect the swiftness of the modern lifestyle.

The skyscraper is divided into 3 towers. An interesting spatial intrigue arises between them: while moving along Dmitrovskoye Highway, they either join together into a single silhouette, or move apart. At the same time, the residential complex must be effective in terms of useful area, applied engineering and facade systems, and it seems to me, that all these factors have been combined. The skyscraper turned out to be slender, technologically advanced and sufficient from the point of view of the economy.

Ivan Grekov, project author, architect

The object immediately attracts attention with unusual facades lined with panels of anodized aluminium, they (facades) both emphasize the individuality of each tower and give a sense of integrity of the architectural complex. Each skyscraper has its own color and shape. One is silver, rounded, depending on the weather and time of day, it shimmers with rose-coloured shades. The other one is in strict graphite colour, but with light stripes between floors and sharper corners. The third is golden, its piers combined with inter-floor constructions, form a kind of relief.

The modern and stylish appearance of the skyscraper was realized due to the maximum glazing area, which is implemented in ALUTECH ALT F50 curtain wall system. This made it possible to make the object visually lighter, since the width of mullions and transoms is only 50 mm. This system provides the necessary level of thermal and sound insulation, which is achieved due to the solutions provided: a special foamed thermal bridge and EPDM gaskets. In addition, energy-efficient glass units have been installed at the facility.

The durability of translucent structures is ensured due to the high strength of ALUTECH profiles manufactured from primary aluminium, as well as application of coating on them that protects against corrosion, temperature fluctuations and other effects of the aggressive environment.

ALT F50 system was also perfectly implemented to realize the rounded shape of one of the towers due to the curved panoramic windows.

Windows of a big city

D1 Residential Apartments is located in such a way that it offers a view to both Ostankino tower and Moscow-City business center. That is why the architects paid special attention to the choice of glazing solutions. In order to create comfortable environment for life and open an overview to the surrounding infrastructure, the apartments are equipped with large panoramic windows to the floor, implemented on the basis of ALUTECH «warm» profile of ALTW72 series.

The rooms are comfortable to live in despite of the time of the year due to the presence in ALT W72 profiles of polyamide thermal bridges, the use of foamed inserts and EPDM gaskets, as well as installation of energy-efficient glass units.

In general, large-scale translucent structures made it possible to fill every corner of the apartments with natural light, make rooms visually more spacious and even increase the height of the ceilings.

By the way, in spite of the fact that the house is located not in a very calm place, the activity outside of the window will not disturb its residents: ALT W72 systems provide high sound insulation due to the presence of special noise-insulating inserts in them.

Safe ventilation

Another important thing is that, as a rule, windows on the high floors of skyscrapers cannot be opened, since draft and severe wind loads create a threat to the safety of people. However, in D1 Residential Apartments natural ventilation is provided. To ensure it, ALUTECH ALT W72 VS system is used. It is a narrow casement sash, which is almost invisible from the outside and inside, while they can be fully opened without worrying about the safety of the household and guests.

The use of ALT W72 VS system fulfill at the same time aesthetic and economic functions. In particular, these elements make it possible to make windows bigger without breaking them with a transom, that is, without violating the visual integrity of the structures. Besides, due to the use of minimum hardware, it is possible to implement more spectacular solutions with panoramic glazing within the budget.

Ivan Grekov, project author, architect

Moreover, specifically for D1, the manufacturer developed a smaller sash, which allowed to increase the light opening.

Thus, D1 business-class residential apartments, with its location and appearance embodies the ideas of active business people for whom comfort, freedom and aesthetics play an extremely important role. Towers with unusual facade and an abundance of glass attract attention at first sight. The object harmoniously fit into the landscape of the area and became its real attraction.